Our Cyber Insurance policy provides foundational first and third party coverages across fourteen insuring agreements. Our coverage also goes beyond the basics to ensure that your organization has exceptional coverage when you need it most.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the biggest highlights of our cyber insurance base form:

First hour Direct and Contingent Business Interruption
Immediate coverage with no hourly waiting or qualifying period.

“Future Proof” Costs
The costs to improve security after an event to prevent similar attacks.

Direct and Contingent System Failure For Programming Errors
System Failures from coding errors or software updates.

Bricking Costs
The restoration and replacement of damaged hardware, available to full limits.

Executive Compensation
The cost of an executive’s compensation for time spent in litigation.

Expert Witness Costs
Attendance costs and fees for expert witnesses required for litigation.

Consumer Redress Fines
Fines imposed by regulators to benefit harmed consumers.

Corrective Audit Costs
Cost of security audits imposed by regulators after an event.

PCI Qualified Security Assesor (QSA) Audit Costs
Cost of security audits required to become PCI-DSS recertified.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Fines and penalties for GDPR violations, including explicit coverage for the "Right to be Forgotten."

If you have any other questions about coverage, please email us at underwriting@at-bay.com.

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