Yes! At-Bay offers reputational harm coverage to the full limit of insurance by default, regardless of whether you send submissions online or through email. Our extensive reputational harm coverage includes the following highlights:

Adverse media events (true or not)
In 2018, Bloomberg published a story stating that Apple, Amazon, and other smaller companies had been victims of an cyber attack with a catchy name: “The Big Hack.” When every company denied the story, Bloomberg refused to retract the story or provide details on its anonymous sources. With At-Bay’s Reputational Harm coverage, businesses are protected from damaging stories about both actual and alleged incidents, like “The Big Hack.”

Privacy and security events
Having a reputation for strong cybersecurity can be critical to an organization’s success. Lawyers, B2B service providers, manufacturers, and others all are expected to meet their clients’ high security standards. One bad hack could destroy a reputation. At-Bay goes beyond data breaches and provides protection for damaging news about privacy and network security events.

Brand protection
An organization’s reputation rests in its name and with its brands. Coverage should not depend on which one a journalist decides to use in a story. At-Bay’s Reputational Harm coverage includes news stories that reference businesses, the brands they own, and the brands they license.

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