Yes! At-Bay offers both direct and contingent system failure coverage to the full limit of insurance by default, regardless of whether you send submissions online or through email. Our extensive system failure coverage includes the following highlights:

Software updates
We expect (and encourage!) clients to update their software. When they push patches or updates and something goes wrong, we cover them. For example, if a company’s proprietary accounting system crashes during an update.

Programming errors
If software has bugs, it's covered. We go beyond human error and cover system failure from programming errors in external and internal software. 

Cloud disruption events
We cover localized events and generally distributed events. Many policies limit coverage to localized System Failure events that impact only one business. If a cloud service provider has a disruption that impacts multiple customers, our coverage applies. 

Broad payouts
In addition to lost income, our System Failure coverage includes all of the crucial services needed to get businesses back on their feet, such as PR, incident response, and even reward expenses all up to the aggregate limit.

If you have any other questions about coverage, check out our cyber base form highlights, or email us at

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