Insurance for the digital age.

As cybersecurity experts, we spent years battling hackers on the dark side of the web. It was a lot of doom and gloom. But we aren’t doom-and-gloom people. We’re optimistic, because we believe that businesses — given the opportunity to embrace technology fearlessly — have the power to build a brighter future. 

That’s why we founded At-Bay: to provide a safety net that enables companies to innovate, despite the recurrent threat of digital risk

To do that, we knew we’d have to be realistic about the world of technology. We’d have to articulate, clearly and accurately, the risks of running a business today. So we created a system that allows us to assess and price risk in a way that CISOs, CFOs, insurance brokers, and small businesses can all comprehend. We question, analyze, and monitor — not just once, but continuously, so we can educate, advise, and support our clients and brokers throughout their partnership with us. 

Because the digital world never stops evolving. And neither will we.

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